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Bite-sized goodness

Bearco Bites are made in small batches so they're always fresh and tasty! Our treats are "no bake" so each ingredient that goes in has to be the best. We care about the quality of what we're eating and we know you do too. So let us prove to you that healthy snacks can taste great!

Ingredient snack

Since 2012, Melanie has been handcrafting delicious bites she named Primal Treats. These bite-sized snacks delighted everyone with healthy ingredients and addicting flavor combinations such as peanut butter, oats and chocolate. YUM! With some help from #preggopal Heather, we are re-launching as Bearco Bites. Lovingly named after our firstborn sons, Barrett and Conor, because these treats are too delicious to not make! 

Mama Bears

It's all about family. And friends. And Bears. You could say we are the Mamma Bears. We fiercely love our families and put our hearts and souls into our small business. So from our families to yours, we hope you enjoy Bearco Bites. xoxo Melanie and Heather